Solid lubricants and anti-friction antifrazione, specially developed for the assembly, the running-in and applications with high loads at low speeds and temperature extremes. Ideal for applications on steels particularly related or in the presence of aggressive environments, but also compatible with plastic materials.

It gives a long-lasting lubrication and with greater reliability and security.

A significant economic benefit, an ideal and clean solution to avoid the use of oil-based lubricants not tolerated or contaminated trap and dirt.

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– Low coefficient of friction, constant at different temperatures
– Good corrosion protection
– Electrical insulation
– Resistant to oil, grease and solvents
– Excellent performance “anti-squeak”
– Resistant to abrasion and accession
– Elimination of the stick-slip

Main applications

– Suitable for combinations plastic / plastic, plastic / metal combinations with slow to moderately fast movements and light to heavy loads or vibrations at low loads
– Reduces or eliminates noise of plastic parts, for example, in automotive applications as paint brushes of doors, armrests, dashboards, glove compartments
– Suitable for rubber guides, sliding doors, furniture hinges, small mechanisms in office machines and sunroof seals
– Suitable for door locks of cars, small parts of cameras, cylinder head screws and self-tapping screws

Curing dry lubricant ANTI-FRICTION-based molybdenum disulphide


– Low coefficient of friction
– Elimination of oxidation by rubbing
– Excellent protective properties against corrosion
– Resistant to oil, grease, solvents and many other chemicals
– Excellent adhesion to metal
– High resistance to aging
– Elimination of the stick-slip
– High load resistance
– Remarkable lubricants Properties

Main applications

– For metal / metal combinations with movements to moderately fast lenses and moderate to heavy loads
– For permanent lubrication, clean and without maintenance, of the threaded sleeves present in the regulatory mechanisms of seats of motor vehicles, as well as for the cold working of the steel, for permanent lubrication at high temperatures and also for the cases in which they can not be used oils and fats, or to avoid the risk of contamination
– For lubrication in a vacuum and at extreme temperatures
– Suitable for the permanent lubrication id highly stressed sliding guides with low sliding speeds, oscillating movements or intermittent operation
– Used successfully for solenoids of vehicle starter motors, locks, hinges, pumps and parts of motor vehicle brakes
– Protection element against corrosion for hydraulic and pneumatic parts
– Used successfully for cylinder head bolts, toaster guides, mechanisms of regulation of rear view mirrors of a car, for high voltage switches and for the running-gear wheels are subjected to strong stresses
– Used successfully for some components of the automotive industry such as: pins, springs and bearings surfaces in brakes, joints and joints of the frame, moving parts of locks, switches, ventilation controls and servo mechanisms, joints mounted under the front bonnet exposed to dust, humidity and contact with fuel or other contaminating substance, hinge pins, sleeves, shorts and cams, servo-mechanisms and bearings for instrumentation, threaded connections and fasteners

Termonindurente dry coating, based SLATS OF Zonco AND ALUMINIUM

– Silver Appearance
– Good aesthetic appearance
– Free of Hexavalent Chromium, Lead and trivalent
– Excellent corrosion protection

Main applications

– Designed for components and parts in the automotive industry and the big production
– Pretreatment of fund for lubricating coatings