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Suspension of solid lubricants (lacquer) water-based and organic additives, which allows to obtain indices of friction constants with minimal dispersion, reaching values of So Mounting calculable and reproducible


– Temperatures of use of the film: -40 / + 110 ° C and -180 / + 250 ° C (for a few also gleitmo products up to 1200 ° C)
– Forms a dry film, colorless, sticky to the touch, durable and abrasion
– There is not greasy and dirty
– Allows you to get thin and dry sliding surfaces
– It adheres very well on all materials
– Allows you to save on installation time, especially suitable for automated assembly systems for screws and gaskets
– Facilitates disassembly even in the presence of thermal loads
– Avoid cold seizure of materials
– Contains UV additive for coating control by means of ultraviolet (340-380 mm)

Main applications

– Specially designed for the coating of small parts in large quantities
– Screws and nuts in stainless steel, self-tapping screws, self-tapping screws, rivets, wood screws and plywood, for sheet metal screws, worm screws, set screws, set screws, pins, bolts, washers for screws, rivets, joints , binary scroll springs, galvanized screws in focus, screws for the electrical industry, connecting nuts for fittings with cutting ring
– Used for metal forming
– Ideal for low-speed applications with high loads