Quality & innovation in surface coating



The VI.PI.EFFE.PEN Srl operates in the field of surface coatings since 1978.

The company was founded and developed his first working: Painting of brake pads, in Italian Verniciatura delle Pastiglie Freno (hence the name VIPIEFFE).

In 1982 it develops and expands its business by specializing and becoming leader in Italy in pens lacquer (hence the name Pen)

The company has continued to invest in an uncontrollable in the latest generation systems and built “custom” 1989 was a year of radical change toward technology: the first systems for coatings in Molykote are installed and, to date, the company has kept investing in latest generation custom systems, products, processes and, last but not least, highly specialized personnel.

Continuously expanding its range of “alternatives” in lubrication to suit every type of functional need.

This route has now allowed the VI.PI.EFFE PEN to become a leader in its industry.



Fulfill the desire of designers and users, to MAKE THE OIL IN ASSESSED calculable and, as they are known to the mechanical parts and / or at least all of the products subject to the conditions of friction, friction, adhesion, wear and the need to ensure a high resistance corrosion.

The life of the mechanical parts (and not) lubricated hinges crucially on a functional assessment and optimization of the element represented by the lubricant functional.